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Preguntas frecuentes

  • How much is the shipping cost?
    Shipping costs €6.00 with payment on delivery or €5.00 with advance payment. For orders over €79.00 shipping is free.
  • How long does it take for the package to arrive?
    The package is shipped the morning after the order is placed. Depending on the area it could take more or less days: TUSCANY: 1 day LAZIO, EMILIA ROMAGNA, LIGURIA and APPENNINES: 2 days CAMPANIA and NORTHERN ITALY: 3 days SOUTH ITALY and ALPINE AREA: 4 days MAJOR ISLANDS: 5 days These delivery times are indicative.
  • How can I know my size?
    For each product we only have one size (or maximum two), so we can say that each model is one size fits all; but based on your bust and hip measurements (for sweaters or jackets), or waist and hip measurements (for trousers), we establish the size of the corresponding item. We have an agreed table: based on the measurement in centimeters of the bust and hips we establish the sizes in our table. For this reason we recommend that you always check the measurements of each product before purchasing it, as they are taken with the utmost precision. Here is the table: * Note, when a product has a large bust measurement but a small hip measurement, its measurement is established taking into account above all the hip measurement since it has the smallest measurement, and vice versa.
  • How can I purchase?
    To purchase you can write to us on WhatsApp chat at the number: 3387487722 (Stefano); or place the order yourself on our site. It is also possible to purchase through our Facebook page Perfect Clothing by writing to us in private chat the codes of the items you wish to purchase. For further information you can call the assistance number: 3387487722 or write to us at the email: .
  • How to use the App to purchase?
    You can download the new version of our App on this link for Android: Perfect Abb - App on Google Play , and on this link for iPhone: Perfect Abbigliamento on the App Store ( . To place an order you need to go to the product pages, such as New Collection, or other sections such as Sweaters or Jackets, to select the product concerned and place it in the cart then checkout to complete the order. If you have any doubts about the functioning of the App, call or write (on WhatsApp) to the number: 3387487722 (Stefano).
  • Useful tips!!
    To make a convenient and safe shopping, we recommend first of all to see and choose both the size and the fabric carefully. For any problem, call the assistance number: 3387487722 (Stefano). To always be updated on new arrivals, we recommend downloading the Perfect Abbigliamento App, or following our Facebook page: For those who are new customers, we recommend first reading the reviews on Facebook here: (6) Perfect Clothing | Facebook . The first return is free, a refund of the money is always possible. Happy Shopping!

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